Virgínia identifies with the shoemaker nomenclature. The creation and execution of footwear are the focus of her work, although she designs clothes and makes costumes.

The shoes are handmade in their factory in Belo Horizonte. The authorial, timeless design and comfort are the most striking features of the shoemaker's work. The clothes are also manufactured by the brand and are based on natural fibers and slow fashion production. The stylist has three stores: two in Belo Horizonte and one in São Paulo.

The designer designed and manufactured the costumes for the play A Mentira, directed by Inez Viana, and The Last Piece, directed by Danilo Grangheia. by Maria de Medeiros, among others.

Patofu's Música de Brinquedo tour featured Virginia Barros shoes. The shoemaker's partnerships with stylists Ronaldo Fraga and Luíz Cláudio (Apartamento 03) can be seen in several editions of SPFW, as well as other brands.

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